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special promos

acquista l'olio

acquista l'olio

Spese di spedizione
Il costo per il servizio di consegna a domicilio, con Poste Italiane, che comprende:
- la preparazione della spedizione;
- l'imballaggio;
- la copertura assicurativa e il trasporto fino al luogo indicato;
per pacchi fino a 25 kg di peso è di € 15,00.




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SANA 2010
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terraNature does nothing uselessly.

In our properties of Lucera (FG), in the Apulia tableland, we grow and pick up our olives and our grape sorts from which we obtain the fruits of our hard work. In the same place “La Masseria” will be built, a multi-purpose structure surrounded by greenery, created for those who are willing to enjoy a relaxing break in close contact with nature. Our land, especially its portion located in the Foggia province, has been awarded with the Denomination of Protected Origin. The municipality of Lucera belongs to the farming zone  “Daunia”, sub-zone: “Daunia sub Appennino”.
Thanks to top-quality raw materials, we can offer the finest products on the market. While following traditional proceedings, we use the most advanced technology available, without forgetting about the importance of the environment. These characteristics are the base of our innovative approach to agriculture, which is in tune with the modern needs of our society and of the consumers.


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radiciTo forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil
is to forget ourselves.


Roots are the base, the structure and the support of a plant. Our roots are our history, our culture, the places in which we were born and we grew up, our family. It is what characterizes us, what defines who we are and who we will be. The origins of Masseria nel Sole are profoundly rooted in the past. It is located in the Apulia region, in the town of Lucera. This area has ancient origins and it is famous for the important historical bond with the figure of the Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen. Our bond with history, our region and the products obtained from our land are the strengths of our company. This is our foundation, what supports us and pushes us to face everything with passion and enthusiasm, what makes us look further, to the future... in order to grow steadily.

The Masseria

masseria_mini The architectural structure of the resort is strongly influenced by the local tradition, Apulian and Mediterranean on the whole, being at the same time an expression of modern taste.

Discover the Masseria

Shipping Costs

The cost of delivery via Italian Mail, including:
- shipment preparation;
- packaging;
- insurance and transport to the indicated address;
for packages up to 25 kgs. of weight is € 10.58.

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